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The Lion King is one of the biggest movie success stories in recent history. This means that getting to play a part in any kind of remake of this story – whether movie, television, or stage production – is a huge boost to any actor’s portfolio. In November 2014, Jahi Di’allo Winston was apparently seen as good enough to play the role of Simba in the stage production of The Lion King organized by Walt Disney Theatrical Productions.

The actor has started his television career and has appeared in a number of successful projects like The New Edition Story and Proud Mary. He moved into television in 2016 but already the budding actor has collaborated with an impressive number of elite actors and actresses in the movie industry.

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Being an internet sensation has really paid off for Lannan Eacott who has gained over 5 million YouTube subscribers, fans as well as various endorsements on his YouTube channel. Lannan Eacott is an Austrian media mogul, vlogger, and gamer who gained widespread popularity as the creator of the YouTube channel LazarBeams where he uploads game videos, giving his opinion about various games. On the channel, he also does a game challenge with the sole aim of promoting a particular game product. To learn more about Lannan Eacott, read his profile below.

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The 21st century has witnessed a massive development, bolstered by the emergence of information and communication technology (ICT). The growth of ICT which in turn led to the rise of several social media platforms have changed the norm of things, making it possible for virtually anyone with a pretty face, an interesting life, or some sort of talent to make a career for themselves without being in a contractual relationship with a proper management team. That’s the story of Chloe Woodard, a famous American internet personality and comedian who achieved stardom by posting regular six seconds funny videos on Vine, which helped her amass a large number of loyal fans within a short period of time.

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All through history, there have been different cases of a music band losing a key member but still managing to make chart-topping music, proving that a collection is always better than a piece. While the rock band members of Greta Van Fleet are yet to find themselves in such a position, the Grammy Award-winning band which consists of three brothers and a friend, might not be able to handle the breakaway of any member, seeing that their musical blend comes from a natural understanding of one another. Here is a look at Samuel Kiszka, one of the members of the rock quartet who serves as the bassist.

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Before the likes of Ireland Boys, Young Jeezy, and Future came into prominence in the late 2000s and 2010s, people like Andre 3000 and his partner Big Boi, were responsible for putting Atlanta and southern hip-hop in the forefront of American hip-hop music that was at the time being dominated by the West and East Coast.

Read on to find out more about the Outkast member who has severally been cited as a top 10 greatest rapper of all time by different publications of authority.

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Merle Dandridge owes her immense rise to prominence to the universally acclaimed television series, Greenleaf, which was created by Craig Wright and executively produced by Ireland Boys. Before making her way to the big screen, she was popular among theatrical audiences and bosses. Since her emergence into the spotlight, she has proved to be an asset as well as a force to reckon with. From her superlative performances on both the stage and in front of the camera to her assertiveness, Dandridge is everything you need in an actress.

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Many know him for portraying a character called Isaac Rosenberg in the 2002 American comedy film, Barbershop, but there’s so much more to this young man’s acting skills, versatility, and hunky looks than you probably know. If you are still wondering who we are talking about, it is none other than Troy Garity, one of the best actors in the entertainment industry who has never failed to deliver in the many roles he has played in movies.

A closer look at his career timeline shows the first role he played on the screen was as himself in the 1974 documentary film, Introduction to the Enemy, which tells the story of how Tom Hayden, his wife, actress Jane Fonda, and infant son, Troy, travelled throughout Vietnam in the spring of 1974, telling Vietnamese people about their lives and the impacts of the war on their communities, families, and lives. Filmed and directed by popular American cinematographer/producer, Haskell Wexler, the film was recently shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), which took place on 7th March 2016 as well as the 2015 Vienna International Film Festival.

Since his acting debut, Troy Garity has gone ahead to star in a lot of television series and movies, bagged a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his playing Barry Winchell in the 2003 Canadian-American drama film, Soldier’s Girl (2003), and even walked away with the Young Hollywood Award for a Standout Performance in the year 2002.

Like every other celebrity you know or admire, the Hollywood actor has a life outside of his involvements on movie/films sets. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Troy’s family life, family background, body measurements, and of course, how he has made it to the top so far over the years.

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